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Get the advantage in your fantasy matches

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Using Fantasy Advantage to win your fantasy matches is as easy as scoring a 6 yard field goal. Our platform leverages the power of machine learning over 10 seasons of data, studying over 500 million different plays, giving you supercharged insights on any given player at the click of a button.
Our unique algorithm, developed by a team of data scientists, takes into account several external factors such as weather, past player performance, news articles, injury projections and more to give you the most accurate analysis. To make our data more accessible, we've broken down our analysis into five killer features.



    You don’t change a winning horse, or, in this case, a stallion. This is why we built one of the smartest algorithms in the sports world. We harnessed machine learning capabilities combined with big data information to form the Hot Players List. Our Hot Players List brings you the rising stars from the past weeks. They run, they catch, and they score, but most important, they are stable. We closely monitor internal and external changes along with stats, health, weather and opponents to make this list the difference between winning and losing. Take a close look and get the advantage.

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    You snooze, you lose. You may have best player in the league, but if he is sitting on the bench you will lose a lot of points. Imagine that you could know in advance how much time each player is going to play. What once was science fiction is now a reality. With our smart algorithms, which combine machine learning and big data, we can anticipate and predict each player’s bench time. Take a close look and get the advantage.

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    High risk can bring high rewards. Would you like to know who are the players with the best chances to surprise and bring the best return on your investment? The players that will bring you the best value for money? This list of players built by our sophisticated machine learning algorithms will give you the advantage you need in order to win.

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    A strong defence makes the difference between winning and losing in fantasy sports. However, the ability to analyze an entire lineup week over week is extremely challenging. Fortunately, we offer you a deep dive analysis of each defensive lineup every week, along with our algorithm's projection for the top teams

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James Harris

Love It!

Awesome tools, very cool and useful features, I use fantasy advantage on a daily basis and so far the cash is running in the right direction.

David Rosenberg

Absolutely Fantastic

Thank you! I don’t know how I lived without the Defence Analysis recommendation. Definitely worth my money.

Jason Berland

This is What I Need

I am a professional DFF player, and I am constantly looking for ways to improve my line- ups and odds. So far this is the best big data analysis tool in the market. If you are looking to move to positive ROI, I would highly recommend trying this.

Brian Keller

Great Investment

Easy to use, easy to implement. I love gambling and I have zero knowledge in football, with Fantasy advantage advice I keep winning. What more can I ask.

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